Why Choose Us?

There is an indescribable satisfaction in eating a satisfying meal after a long day of backpacking over high alpine terrain. There is a shared triumph in watching a friend get to the top of a difficult rock climbing route that they contended with the day before. And there is a powerful
connection that can be created between friends over a campfire, some of whom may have been strangers only a few days before.

We at Augusta are especially attuned to these aspects of being in nature. And still, we make a trip into so much more…

Augusta is Extraordinary

Camp Augusta is unique and astounding among summer camps. An intentional community operating on consensus and flat hierarchy, Augusta has the longest staff training in the country, a very high staff-to-camper ratio, a meticulous hiring process, and a bafflingly long list of activities, each carried out to a surprising depth of detail and collaboration. It is an organization that can only pull-off what it does by having a community of 100% committed, 24/7 staff believing in what they do. You can learn more about us and our history here:

Lead by Principles and Intentionality

Our curriculum and itineraries focus on character development through mindfulness-based outdoor leadership, environmental stewardship, and outdoor living skills. We focus on a unique, intentional design of “success counseling” that allows counselors to address diverse learning styles, feelings and needs. We utilize powerful tools with campers such as: Challenge By Choice, Full Value Contract, 100% Responsibility, Mindfulness, Compassionate Communication and many other opportunities for the benefit of camper growth in mind, body and spirit.

Our Goals

  1. Children are empowered and inspired to have outdoor experiences at home and out of school lives;
  2. Connection between participants and families, community and the world are intentional, willing and curious to inviting joy and possibility to their relationships;
  3. Children feel 100% responsible and integrous for the life-giving decisions, words and actions they choose as it affects the natural world and humanity;
  4. Participants develop competency and explicit knowledge/skill in outdoor activities and celebrate their love of learning;
  5. Children unwind, expressing their true self and inner-nature — embracing challenge and change as opportunity for growth — and experience each other with open hearts and minds through the spaciousness of the wild.

We're Flexible

We are quite flexible when it comes to trip dates and setting custom trips for groups. Please let us know on the registration form what would work best for you and we will start the conversation.