Challenge By Choice

Our “Challenge By Choice” Philosophy is about taking healthy risks.

Why Risk?
We take risks in the wilderness very seriously. Through our risk assessment for each trip, we work to minimize the danger and telltales of danger along the way*. However, we operate under a risk philosophy that is committed to the need of risk in our lives. In fact, there are multiple studies that show risk seekers as healthier humans than ones who avoid risk. And when children are not attuned to risk activity at a young age, they actually end up seeking risk later in life. This is often times with a greater fervor in situations that are truly dangerous, not just perceived as dangerous but statistically more likely of being harmed. Engaging in low risk activities at a young age, while assessed thoroughly, can be a huge benefit for a child later in his/her life.

*Risk is inherent in all back-country activities. And risk is integral to a wilderness experience. It provides the opportunity to build and instill the following values with the people you are working with:

What is it?

Challenge by Choice is a philosophy on how to encourage people to achieve their goals & provide them with a safe environment where they can go beyond their comfort level. We strongly believe:

  1. It is not our place to push campers further than they are ready for or capable of.
  2. It’s great to offer helpful advice and encouragement that the person may need, especially when invited, in order to step outside of their comfort zone.
  3. This philosophy also applies to how participants treat each other – we do not allow trip-goers to “bully” one another into doing things they do not want to do.

On Augusta Wilderness Trips, Peer Pressure is Obsolete.


Safety – We have been leading wilderness adventures for five years and have had no significant injuries. Since the program’s inception, we have always, always carried emergency communication systems. We have a wilderness liaison on site at Camp Augusta that gets daily updates in case of emergency evacuation. For instance, there was a helicopter evacuation called because of a condition similar to appendicitis. We use a inReach Garmin device as well as satellite phone on all of our trips. You can learn more about safety on trips at our Safety page. If you have any questions about the risks involved in our wilderness trips, please let us know.