Here at Camp Augusta we’re usually a little shy to boast overmuch, and we recognize that it may matter to those who don’t know us yet that other people have said such nice things about our wilderness program.

Susan B.

My camper felt very safe in the wilderness. It was the highlight of the summer. She said she’d do it again next year.

Sandra L.

As parents we were initially afraid that this experience would have been too demanding for someone so young and not used to doing things without family. Being that this was Eric’s first camp experience on his own, we were afraid he would resent us for leaving him at a place so strange and so far away from home. But those fears were gone once we saw his face the day we picked him up from camp. He went on to tell us of his experiences with his horse Cody, his nights singing by the campfire and doing embers sessions with the other campers. We see that we couldn’t have left him in better hands than with this special group of people at Camp Augusta. To Phillip, Laura, Terry, Scott, Flora, Charlie Bob and Hidey Ho, thank you all for making this such a memorable experience for Eric.

James D.

He has many great memories and loves to brag about climbing into a volcano. He is a more confident hiker, appreciative of nature. His camping/back-packing knowledge increased considerably (he knew very little going in): fire/food making, bear prevention, bathroom in nature skills, etc…..

Terry F.

Ronan really enjoyed the trip and meeting you and all at the camp. Thank you again for a great experience. Most importantly, we hope to stay in touch.

Lisa M.

I wanted to let you all know that the boys came home excited to share with us tons of stories about how much fun they had at camp.  They both LOVED their time there (mosquito bites and all)!! Thank you so much for giving them a great summer experience and for taking good care of them.  I also very much appreciated all the communication from you all while they were there. Based on this great report, I will be sending all 5 of my kids to a two week camp session next summer.