Oh...you're in for a surprise.

In a similar fashion to the way Camp Augusta’s food philosophy sets us apart from most summer camps, the meals prepared and savored on our Northern California Wilderness Trips are truly unique to our program.  From chocolate chip pancakes to chicken alfredo, our menu is sure to keep campers full, energized, and asking for more!

It all starts a few weeks before each trip, when a knowledgeable trip leader plans the menu based on backcountry nutrition guidelines and Camp Augusta food philosophy.   We also take specific food restrictions of individual members of the group into account, such as vegetarian or gluten-free. During the trip, campers become an integral part of food preparation as fire-makers (in areas where a campfire is permitted), cooks or cleaners.  This rotation fosters teamwork and a sense of community at the end of a long-day’s hike.

Some sample menu items from a past trip


Eggs with red peppers, onion, & hash browns

Chocolate chip pancakes

Oatmeal, raisins, chocolate chips, nut butter


Cheese, crackers, hummus, and salami

Nut butter + tortillas

Beef jerkey, nuts, cheese


Rice and bean burritos, cheese, tortillas, and dehydrated vegetables

Jambalaya- ground beef, quiona, carrots, onions, peppers

Falafel and vegetables

Pesto pasta, tomato halves, onions, cheese


Various trail mix- granola, nuts, banana chips, seeds

Apple rings

Larabar/Clif bar

Beef/veggie jerkey