Wilderness Augusta

Wilderness Summer Camp Northern California – Kid & Teen Outdoor Adventures at Camp Augusta

FAQ - Risk & Safety

  • What is the approach to risk management? Please refer to our comprehensive philosophy on risk that our wilderness trip team is all trained with. Risk management is always, always important to consider on wilderness trips. Our staff is trained in Wilderness First Responder, and has been through a comprehensive and specialized Trip Leader Training through our risk philosophy at Camp Augusta. Please contact us with any specific questions about risk on the trail, and we’ll be so happy to chat J
  • What type of preparations should I do before the trip? The short answer is sort of. The long answer is that in order for all of our wilderness trip campers to have a healthy and safe experience, we would prefer that they are in good cardiovascular condition. Our staff also prefer that leading into the trip (or months before, of course) your camper participates in a cardiovascular workout at least three times a week for one hour. Examples may include biking, cross-country skiing, running, soccer, swimming, etc.
  • Is there cell phone service in the event of an emergency? A satellite phone will be brought for the event of an emergency.
  • What kind of training has the trip leader had in this kind of activity? Trip leaders carry a range of certifications depending on which trips they are leading. Climbing guides carry an AMG (American Mountain Guide) and others may carry a WFR (Wilderness First Responder). All of our leaders are experienced, seasoned backpackers with many years of trips under their belts.
  • What if something happens in the family, how will you contact my child if they need to know something? The trip leaders will have check in points (depending on trip length) via a satellite phone. If it is a very serious issue that your camper MUST know about, the trip leaders can be notified this way.
  • What if a camper is misbehaving?  What’s the process there?  Do they have to stay with the group for the rest of the trip? Behavior management is one of our many specialties---all standard success counseling methods will be in effect via the standard training that all of our staff receives. If in the extremely rare even that the issues are gravely serious, the trip would return early.
  • What happens if a child is hurt or sick (e.g. sprained ankle or the flu) and can’t continue?  How does that affect that child and how does it affect the rest of the backpacking campers? WFR includes extensive training in how to respond to minor injuries of illnesses such as these. For serious complications, the group has a satellite phone and back up plans for early return.
  • Will the kids ever be on their own? Even to gather wood?  Should I be concerned about my teen attending with a boy/girl that s/he likes? On some trips there is the option of a solo adventure, however during that time the camper will have planned projects to complete, letters to read and a journal to write in. Additionally, they will be checked on very frequently by the trip leaders to ensure that all is well. For the rest of the trip, supervision and proximity by leaders will be in effect nearly 100% of the time save instances in which a camper must have personal privacy.
  • What kind of insurance does Camp Augusta have for these trips? Medical, emergency rescue and accident insurance are standard.
  • Will the counselor(s) have experience working with teens? Yes, at the same level that all of our trained counselors have.
  •  What is the notification and evacuation plan should they be in a region with a forest fire? If the region was in the midst of a forest fire, then the trip would not run. If a fire broke out while the trip was already active, then the leaders would be notified via their satellite phone and would revert to a planned, alternate exit route and evacuate as soon as possible.
  • Will they be able to swim?Some trips involve optional swimming depending on timing, water quality, interest and ability.