Wilderness Augusta

Wilderness Summer Camp Northern California – Kid & Teen Outdoor Adventures at Camp Augusta

FAQ - Nature of a Wilderness Trip

  • Who will be leading the trips?All trips will be led by two counselors with extensive experience in backpacking and outdoor living skills, and at least one will be certified in wilderness first response (WFR). Female guides will be present on trips with female campers and vice versa.
  • What are they going to do in the evenings?  The magic of the Augustan spirit will be alive at nights as well. In addition to making camp and prepping food (both large endeavors), there will also be Evening Embers chats, special wake-ups, and activities/games. Camper engagement is a high priority, and boredom will have no seat at the table.
  • How far away are they from emergency care?Although distance from professional medical care will depend on the trip location and on the stage, at least one counselor leading the trips will be certified as a Wilderness First Responder and thus qualified to provide emergency care to most routine backcountry injuries. In the case of a more serious injury or illness, they will have the option to call for help via satellite phone. The amount of time they are away from emergency medical services fluctuates during each trip depending on location and situation.
  • What kind of planned activities are involved with the trip?It depends on the trip. All involve hiking, most will include optional swimming at some point, one includes climbing and another one offers an opportunity for a “solo” adventure in which campers build a personal shelter and spend a set amount of time alone with the wilderness. Team endeavors to orienteer and read maps, make and break camp, and cook together are also included. Evening Embers and Special Wake-Ups will happen in the evenings.
  • What kind of outdoor skills will my camper be learning? Map and compass skills, shelter creation, outdoor cooking, Leave No Trace practices, safe waste disposal, meal planning and packing, and more.
  • At camp there is a lot of choice about which activities you want to do. Will backpacking campers be forced to do activities that they don’t want to? Will they be forced to write in a journal, for example?It is far outside the realm of the Augustan philosophy to force any camper into an activity that they are aversive to. However, we do use our best skills to encourage, scaffold, support and facilitate participation in activities when we believe there is something worthwhile for the camper to gain.