PCT – Bucks Lake Wilderness Backpacking


Activities: Backpacking, navigation, wilderness living skills

Nights: 4 in wilderness, 2 at Camp Augusta


Dates for trips are chosen upon interest. Express Interest for any week and we can place you together with other interested campers!


12 – 14

*flexible depending on experience



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The Sierra Nevada Mountains are a few hour’s drive from Camp Augusta’s site in Nevada City. The area features rugged mountain peaks dotted with alpine meadows, lakes, and is crisscrossed by a variety of backpacking trails.  The area that we will be trekking through is often covered with colorful wildflowers during the summer months and the many lakes provide ample opportunities to swim and relax after a day’s hike.

Staff counselors are certified Wilderness First Responders and will look after the physical, as well and mental and emotional safety of campers on this trip.  Counselors will offer campers extensive feedback regarding their personal growth and areas of challenge throughout the trip.

Campers will experience the wilderness and gain the opportunity to set up camp, cook their own food using a Whisperlite stove, lead parts of the trip, learn to work in a team, and create their own adventures. This is a great trip for beginner campers, who will learn fire safety in the forest, animal safety, personal safety, and how to have fun with limited resources!


Experience:Classic – are you interested in backpacking but haven’t ever done it?  this can be a great trip for you!.

Endurance: 1 – Our packs will weigh 1/3rd of our body weight, we will be hiking low mileage days on good trails.

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