Pacific Crest Trail Hiking

Pacific Crest Trail Hiking

Sun, 6/25/17 to Sat, 7/8/17

Primary Activities: Backpacking, camping, wilderness living skills

Nights:11 wilderness, 2 Camp Augusta


Have you ever dreamt of going on an epic journey?  Great adventure holds more than we can imagine, and through challenge and adversity we learn more about ourselves than we can in class or using a computer.  If you are ready to undertake a beautiful journey through the Sierra Nevada come along on our Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) hike and each footstep will land on new ground as we skirt around towering Sierra peaks and camp near magical alpine lakes. 


On the trail we will be fueled by nutritious natural & organic food; solid breakfasts, lots of snacks, tasty lunches, and hot suppers as delicious as any you might have from the kitchens of Camp Augusta (if you are new to camp, know that we have great food!)  As we hike through wilderness areas we won’t see any sign of humans, except our lone trail and other hikers.  We might even encounter a legendary through-hiker: brave souls who spend many months hiking the PCT from Mexico to Canada.


Campers will experience a true taste of living in the wilderness as we take on our longest Wilderness Augusta trip yet. After settling in for the first few days we will feel at ease traveling in the backcountry. Rugged mountain passes, snow still in the high country, and remote alpine lakes will be our playground as we explore the wilderness with signature Camp Augusta Wish, Wonder, and Surprise. Campers will hone their skills in backcountry travel and may come back ready to lead the rest of the family back out into the great outdoors. If your ready for the next level of Wilderness Augusta travel come along for a transformative journey!


Challenge Levels

Experience: Adventure – This is an advanced trip for folks who have done a classic or Explore trip, or have other backpacking experience.  If you have spent time in the wilderness and want more, this can be a great trip for you!

Endurance: 2 - We will be doing a lot of hiking with significant elevation gain and loss.  At the start of the journey our packs will be heavy with food and we won’t be used to being active at 7000 feet.  This rugged journey will make us stronger and if you haven’t back packed before you may want to look at our Sierra Nevada Alpine or Lassen National Park, trips for an enjoyable adventure.

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Recommended Age: 15 - 17*

    *Age ranges can be flexible depending on experience and development


Packing List

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hiking the PCT in the Desolation Wilderness