Wilderness Augusta

Wilderness Summer Camp Northern California – Kid & Teen Outdoor Adventures at Camp Augusta

Lassen Volcanic Park Hiking

Primary Activities: Backpacking, navigation, outdoor living skills

Nights: 4 wilderness, 2 Camp Augusta


Lassen Volcanic National Park features clear mountain lakes, smoky fumaroles and meadows covered with California wildflowers to hike and camp around.  All four types of volcanoes of the entire world can be found in Lassen, including shield (Prospect Peak), Cinder Cone (Cinder Cone), plug dome (Lassen Peak), and Composite (Brokeoff Volcano) volcanoes. 



While hiking around hydrothermal features, Cascade Springs, alpine lakes, waterfalls and Mt.Harkness, campers will experience first-hand how hot water continues to shape the land and discover the mysteries of California’s ancient volcanoes.  

On the trail we will be fueled by nutritious natural & organic food; solid breakfasts, lots of snacks, tasty lunches, and hot suppers as delicious as any you might have from the kitchens of Camp Augusta (if you are new to camp, know that we have great food!) Campers will also have opportunities to learn about backcountry navigation, "primitive" fire making, and wood carving.  We can play Augusta style trail games like forest ninja, and you may even decide to bring a practice sword on the trail and train in epic terrain!



Classic - a great trip for beginning adventurers!

Endurance 1 - you will be hiking with a pack that may weigh up to 1/3rd of your body weight, but you don't have to be an athlete to have a good a good time on this trip.

more on challenge ratings

Recommended Age: 12 - 14*

     *Age ranges are flexible depending on experience and development 



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