Wilderness Augusta

Wilderness Summer Camp Northern California – Kid & Teen Outdoor Adventures at Camp Augusta

FAQ - Registration

  • If my camper does the wilderness trip this year, will they be considered a returning camper next year? YES
  • What’s the minimum number of campers? 4
  • What’s the maximum number of campers? 10
  • How old are the campers on the trips? 12-17 years old
  • Are the trips co-ed? YES/Potentially
  • What if my camper is the only one of their age/gender on the trip? There will be support from a staff member guide of the same gender. Other campers will be within two years of age.
  • Since this is co-ed, where will my camper change? Privacy can be created via tarp shelters or by seeking it in the woods. Respect for this privacy is a core value of team functionality on trips like these.
  • Can I get tuition insurance for wilderness trips as well? Yes.
  • In what circumstances would a trip be canceled or end early? (i.e. drop outs/weather) Drop outs to less than 4 campers, extreme weather conditions (heat, cold, rain), serious injury and/or illness.
  • Will there be more than one trip happening at the same time? If there are 30 campers that want the same trip in the same session, will they be split into two smaller groups? Trip dates and scheduling reflect interest. For sessions with an especially high impact for the trips, we may consider running two trips back to back in a two week session, but it is highly unlikely that they will run simultaneously due to the number of staff needed.
  • What if my camper is recovering from an illness the week before?  Normally at camp, they could attend once the doctor says they are ok, so they could arrive a day or two late.  Is this possible with the wilderness trips?  If not, can I send them to the regular camp session instead and pay the difference? If in the event that  a unique circumstance such as this unfolds, we will discuss the best options with you personally and decide on the best course of action together. Adjustments can sometimes be made, but will be reviewed on a case by case basis.